Imperial is the "Valley's Favorite Store." How can we say this? We don't; our customers do!

Why does Imperial evoke this kind of response in customers? Because we carry such a huge variety of teaching materials, flags, party supplies, Steelers, WVU, and Ohio State, Christmas decorations, trees, lights, puzzles, games, and more.

Not only is our variety overwhelming- our breadth of product is amazing. As an example, we carry office supplies, classroom decor and resources, books, trimmers, stickers, cutouts, games, manipulatives, notepads, Christmas decor, trees, lights, licensed sports product, and more!


Established in 2001.

Imperial Teacher's Store originally began in 1979. For many years Imperial was the only store of its kind from Wheeling WV to Pittsburgh. Now they are one of the few stores left from Wheeling to Columbus, Wheeling to Cleveland, and Wheeling to Pittsburgh!

Imperial was purchased by Cathy Jackson in 2001.